Friday, September 26, 2008

Interview w/ DFJ of Mind Eraser

How Did you get into punk/hardcore music?

from metallica "kill em all". i heard that and I was like holy shit, fast music is awesome
thats pretty much what made me want to hear more fast and extreme type shit

What do you think about the current state of the hardcore scene? any current bands you think people should check out.

I still think that boston has the best bands and the best scene...there are some cool bands from our area like waste management, scapegoat, Iron Age, Hatred Surge, rampage, blank stare, anxiety, and more I cant think of...sucsk that band force fed broke up, they were cool.and Sex Vid is awesome but we all know that.

Where do you get lyric inspiration?

i dont get much inspiration from the political climate or issues pertaining to the world..most of the stuff I write about is what is going on in my own head.

Top 3 records

victim in pain, age of quarrel and black sabbath vol. 4 but I dunno that kind of shit changes daily thast just what Im feeling at the time

Whats your favorite show you've played? with any band

wwhoa i never thought about that hold on. there was this one mind eraser show we played near ventura cali a couple of years was an outside show and it wasnt like "the craziest show ever" but there was something in the air that night which made me feel like i was on another planet
ask the other guys in the band and they would agree. it was still a cool show but for some reason thats the best gig ive ever played

How good is neanderthal?
if that is where you got mind eraser from

I was psyched when I heard eric wood wasnt into us

How good is the Grateful Dead?

I tried to get into the dead but its just not really my thing musically...but i think its cool that they were down to tour and play music
my old sociology teacher knew some groupie that fucked jerry garcia one time and right after they were done he rolled her off the bed and some bodyguard dude made her leave his hotel room much for a night with jerry

Someone said to ask you about a fight with Saves the Day?

oh its not really a fight but when they started out me and a few friends thought it would be funny to heckle them since we thought they were super corny
so we would jump and dance like teeny girls and tell them to "fuck off" and "die" and stuff. and we'd be doing this while standing like 10 feet away and I'll tell you what man, the joke was on us becuase they pretend we werent even there
and girls would just swoon and then they got semi-famous and I live at my parents house....but im still glad i wasnt in saves the day

sorry i had to piss

What bands influence Mind Eraser?
lets see
of course crossed out, no comment, the obvious choices...citizens arrest, repulsion, celtic frost, terrorizer, napalm death, siege
discharge, sabbath. eyehategod. oh by the way hatred surge rules.
im not trying to be cute, I really do think you can hear all of these bands when you listen to least Id like to think so but maybe i just have delusions of granduer

Favorite Movie

terminator 1

Any last words/Shout outs

Jude, new mind eraser, rival mob, dead black, mens interest, and some other shit I cant think of
all coming out soon get in the pit.

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